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5 Tips for Getting the Perfect Engagement Photo

An engagement shoot is the ideal to announce your news and give your wider circle of friends a heads up about your upcoming wedding. Couples use engagement photos as a personal memento, to post on social media or send to loved ones overseas as a way of involving them.

The setting

- somewhere of significance - where you met
- your home, particularly if recently moved in together
- local beauty spot - benefit of natural light outdoors
- relating to a common interest e.g. golf course
engagement shoot in the snow at Ruding Park
The pose

- choose overt so people know immediately or more subtle
- recreate proposal
- simple kiss
- holding hands
- creating a heart shape with hands
- looking at each other or looking at a point (shared vision)


- weigh up glamourous v natural look - you need to be relaxed for your photo to get best, so don't wear something restrictive or which you'll worry about spoiling
- may be dictated by practicalities of setting, or can choose to contrast for higher impact e.g. party wear in a garden / woodland setting
family portrait at Rudding Park
Involving family

If have children, think about whether you want to include them and how
- showing them the ring
- couple in focus with children playing in background, slightly out of focus or motion blurred
- peeping out and 'catching' the proposal moment
Consider including family pets if they're important or part of your story as a couple
engagement shoot with their dog

The ring! If have already
Motifs - e.g. hearts in balloons, drawn with materials from the shoot (petals, pebbles, in the sand etc)
Items that tell your story as a couple e.g. if met at activity like rock climbing, might want to use linked carabiners for symbolism and significance

Whatever ideas you have, meet your photographer and talk through - they'll be able to advise and contribute.

To talk about creating an engagement photo to mark your moment, call me on 07770 476416